Our Orientational Philosophy

  • Seeking meaning in communication work: PMA seeks to promote belonging, justice, deep relationships, sustainability and spirituality. 
  • Seeking sustainable futures: Current social, political, economic and cultural conditions are unsustainable and crudely materialistic.
  • Seeking self-sufficiency: Building institutional and material benefits sustainably, encouraging localism and social networking initiatives and sharing all these with everyone in the human family. 
  • Seeking a way out of profit-only, growth-focused business. It is not against growth but only on the nature of growth today and its impact on Nature and our futures. It does not support GNP in principle and prefers notions and practice such as GNH (Gross National Happiness). 
  • PMA wants to be a social enterprise governed by spiritual, social, ecological and financial bottom lines.
  • Seeking to support community: People (irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity, etc.) are fundamentally “good” and “have” goodness in them. They have concern for social issues and show caring and helpful nature when presented with critical information, clear opportunity and a compassionate approach in dealing with them. These offer formal and informal initiatives to build action-oriented social networks.
  • Seeking a non-materialistic orientation: Whenever and wherever it is given an opportunity, PMA strives, within many constraints, to be a company with a heart, working closely with its partners and offering a viable alternative to the mainstream commercial communication environment through distributing messages conveying concern, commitment and compassion.

Our Value Statement

National, regional and global environments, with its share of development problems, have given rise to many civil society organisations which have undertaken to solve the problems associated largely with our blind and unsustainable “growth” model. National governments have also addressed these social problems through the conception and implementation of social policies. Presently, public-listed companies, through their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, have also started to pay attention to these problems. Philanthropic concerns are moving from merely charity-oriented efforts to more strategic ones.Though we need to engage critically and carefully with CSR and/or philanthropic activities, these have become a way to go beyond a profit-only culture.

At the same time, the professional role of communication agencies has been limited both in making social agencies/initiatives wanting to promote a sustainable society more visible and/or to maximise their potentials to effectively reach their constituencies. This has largely been due to the perception of the commercial worth of such work by mainstream advertising and communication agencies. The problem is also due to civil society organisations being unaware of the power and benefits of professional social communication. In addition,  they do not have enough funds to engage professional communication agencies. Such concerns are not built into their project funding or management.

Public Media Agency, a social enterprise guided by the ‘triple bottom line plus one’ philosophy, i.e. financial viability, social concern, ecological responsibility and spiritual aspiration, aims to enhance the value of the work of various social-oriented agencies through affordable professional social communication services. PMA’s aim is to inform, influence, and inspire positive action for sustainable futures and social well-being, a direction that is largely absent in the work of mainstream professional advertising and communication agencies.

Our Organisational Philosophy

PMA is guided by social concern, ecological responsibility, financial viability and spiritual aspiration.

  • Vision
    Being the preferred partner – and offering leadership – in social communications for all organisations promoting universal values.
  • Mission
    To provide professionally competent, socially and culturally sensitive, and innovative communication services covering print, audio, video, electronic, digital and training areas.
  • Values
    We adhere to the universal values of truth, peace, justice and compassion. And to guide our creative design and communication process, we adhere to the operational values of partnership, collaboration, quality, innovation, transparency, and customer engagement.

Our Communication Philosophy

Authentic communication requires exchanges where the intentions of those engaged in communication are clear and honest. This principle promotes trust and community between those involved in a communication process. It also helps mainstreaming critical marginalised realities. In order to achieve all these, PMA will be guided by Dialogical Communication, Transparency in Communication, Participatory Communication, Reconciliatory Communication and Exposé Communication. 

Social Enterprise Model

PMA will strive towards building a “partnership model” for long-term socially-oriented and focussed value-generating relationships.  In a sense, through such relationships, PMA will offer value-added solutions and services to communications needs of  organisations that have values consistent with its (PMA’s) own and that aspire to build a better and sustainable human society and family.

Structure of Operations

Administratively, PMA is governed by a board of directors as per legal requirement. Creatively, all professional services are delivered through deliberation and networking among socially-oriented creative consultants (who evaluate requests and develop design concepts and directions). Delivery of services is executed and managed by a creative director (as and when needed with the help of network consultants, who provide us the strength of a diversity of artistic competencies).