Social Communication in Action:
Our Value-Creating Services

Comprehensive Communication Campaigns
These campaigns would employ single or multiple media platforms, involving print, audio-video, and digital technologies. The work – including research, design, production and distribution – could be outsourced to us or we could work as part of your organisation. Such campaigns would include one or all of the following:

(a). Print Platform: covers all activities connected with and related to the print media process, such as research, design and production, and delivered as poster, flyer, logo, book, banner, etc.

(b). Audio-Video Platform: includes all sound, graphic and moving- image analogue or digital productions and programmes, and packaged and delivered as audiocassettes, audio books, video tapes, VCDs, DVDs, digital presentations, etc.

(c). Web Platform: covers all web-based services and products, and delivered as websites, wapsites, portals, blogs (including images), online surveys, online and downloadable posters and pamphlets, online petitions, e-courses, e-books, e-newsletters, online albums, online audio and video digital materials for download or broadcast, etc..

Book & Magazine Publishing
This includes printed publications, audio books and digital publications, such as e-books and e-zines. It covers all aspects of publishing, including application of ISBN/ISSN, Cataloguing-in-Publication (CIP) Data, outlet sourcing, etc.

Communication Training Programmes
These programmes (in-house and open, onsite) will impart critical, value-based orientations and context-specific competencies to address communication and media needs of civil society organisations, community organizations, religious groups and ‘ethical businesses.’

Social Marketing of Ethical Communication Merchandise
These merchandise include goods that are produced by communities/individuals who are physically challenged, or goods that are produced by villagers or indigenous communities, or which involve the use of recycled or non-polluting materials, or the promotion of local cultures or awareness of local issues, etc. Such products include calendars, recycled notepads, training kits, key chains, T-shirts, scarves, etc. These ‘message goods’ will be developed and marketed as part of campaigns.

E-communication Projects
These web-based projects include websites, wapsites, portals, e-learning courses/modules, e-social marketing, e-forums, and various online services, etc. 

Research and Documentation
Communication-related research. Also, detailed documentation of socially-oriented initiatives for record, research and dissemination.


We offer trainee placements for a maximum period of three months. Trainees must be those going through media or designer course in any bonafide media educational institutions. Accepted trainees would have a short induction/orientation exposure after which we expect them to be independent in their work and contributions. Guidance will be provided where needed.