Changing the World One Design at a Time

Selamat Datang/Yōkoso/Huānyíng/Vanakam-Vangha/Willkommen/Hwangyong-Hamnida/Karibu/
Shagotom/Welkom/Sugeng Rawuh/Maligayang Pagdating-Mabuhay/Hoan Nghênh/Khush a-mdi-d/Siya Namkela Nonke/
Yindii Ton Rap/Swagatam/Välkommen/Isibingelelo/Sva-gat/Benvenuti/Sourm-sva-kum/Haere mai /Nau mai

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Public Media Agency is PMA. And PMA stands for Community, Communication, and Change.

It is a people-oriented design and communication group based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Organised as a social enterprise, it creates value (meanings consistent with its vision, mission and values) through social communication work for social movements, contributing to and promoting all-round sustainable cultural change. 

PMA is actively engaged in design interventions to mainstream the marginalised — communities, issues, and ideas — and to influence change “one design at a time”. It supports all initiatives promoting peaceful, humane and sustainable future(s) for all.

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